Angry, sad, afraid? It's all ok!

Friendy helps children to put their feelings into words and to cope with them.

Feelings are a natural and important part of our life. They serve as an inner compass, but can be hard to express in a constructive way. Friendy makes it fun and easy to learn how to understand feelings and which behaviour and impulses are ok to act on, and which ones are not.

In this app Friendy will guide you through some of our most common feelings: anger, sadness, grumpiness, fear, happiness and calmness.

You and your child will explore these feelings and help Friendy to calm down and cope with them. You can discuss, draw and act out different situations that evoke strong emotions.

The app is based on the real-life doll Friendy (former EQ-doll) that is used in over 500 preschools in Scandinavia. Positive feedback from parents, pedagogues and children proves that it works. And now it is available for you and your child!